Isaac Florentine – The Movie Fact Sheet

Isaac Florentine has earned himself a reputation among action movie fans during his more than 25 year long career in the industry. He is an accomplished martial artist with a talent for directing, and he utilized both of these skills to create some of the most intense and spectacularly filmed hand-to-hand combat sequences you will ever see in an action movie.

The centerpiece of his films usually are the martial arts segments, but there are other recurring themes. So as a fun exercise I compiled a sheet that gives an overview of them for all his films. I’m not recommending one movie over the other, but if you’re willing to only watch one or a few of them, the ones that check most of the boxes are good examples of Florentine’s style I believe.

I think it’s also fair to say that the production quality of his movies has gradually improved over the years. This does not mean that his earlier work is bad, though, its entertainment value is not diminished at all by the lower budgets.

The movie list does not include Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon. For that one Florentine apparently was only hired to complete the movie after the original director Albert Pyun left the set. I’m also not listing his work that he did for television on the Power Rangers and WMAC Masters series.

Here is the sheet:

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